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The Library has a range of information on a wide variety of topics, as well as links to information on external websites. 

- 08/04/14

Carer Support Groups offer carers an opportunity to talk to others in similar situations and share their experiences. Joining a support group with other carers can be a great way to make new...

- 07/04/14

This fact sheet was originally compiled in 2011 to assist carers of children and adults with a disability; some of the information will be relevant to others also. It has just been...

Rebates 2014 final.pdf
- 28/02/14

The Association for Children with a Disability is an information, support and advocacy organisation for children with a disability and their families, in Victoria, Australia.


- 28/02/14

This booklet has been developed, together with a model trust deed, to help families who have decided to set up a Special Disability Trust.

The booklet includes...

- 20/01/14

Time for a Break is a guide to respite care and recreation services for people with disabilities and their families in the southern metropolitan region.

This detailed guide has...

- 31/10/13

The Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre Southern Region is part of Alfred Health. We provide practical and emotional support for carers throughout the south eastern suburbs of Melbourne and...